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Pronounced TAY-LOVE, Todd Smith was born out of Detroit, MI in a home of alcoholism, domestic violence and poverty.  He went on to the University of Puget Sound and one day going to hang out with a friend, he saw a man on the street with a coat on that read "John 3:16."  This man (Gordon McClain) told him simple things he had never heard before.  On Sunday November 29, 1998 Todd went to church and on the way, Gordon pulled out a bible and showed him Hebrews 3:15 which says "“Today, if you will hear His voice, Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.” Todd heard God's voice and reverently gave his life to Jesus!!!  Todd is still living for Jesus and has stayed on fire for the Lord since that hour. 



 Evangelizing is easy when you have something to talk about.  Being born again is a supernatural encounter with the only true and living God.  When this happens you will not be able to do nothing less than talk about it and bend the conversations you have with others back to the center of that same born again experience.  This is not something that a human being can make or fake.  It is this truth that has been illuminated after decades of presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ in many ways, for many days, to many people.  The approach to ministry today is just as real as it always has been.  However the focus is on nothing less than the absolute clear truth of what it means to follow Jesus.  Not fans.  Not religion.  Not tradition.  Not emotions.  Not feelings.  Not assumptions.  The lost must be found.  The found must be discipled.  The disciple must make disciples.

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Te`Luvv raps the Bible.  No trends, no worldly dance moves or antics, and certainly he does not seek to pattern the latest artist in the world's arena.  His music is ministry driven rather than industry in demand.  He is known for quoting scripture and simply preaching Jesus.  He has collaborated with Eikon Ministries in the Memphis area to rap catechisms and other Bible songs that foster growing as a disciple and making other disciples of Jesus Christ.



Instead of the church growing with disciples and soldiers of Jesus Christ, it's growing with everything else.  It's no different than a lawn with a little grass and mostly weeds.  A yard full of weeds is not a pleasant sight to see or a pleasant thing to have and, weeds only produce more weeds. God tells us in Genesis 1:20-25 that each seed can only reproduce after it's own kind!  God wants the kind of people who will follow Him, obey Him, please Him, serve him, and fear Him wholeheartedly and without end!  Officially in ministry since 2002 Te`Luvv has traveled the world preaching Jesus on street corners, fairs, juvenile facilities, camps, conferences, etc.  He is 100% committed to the word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He has personally driven thousands of miles from 2007-2009 in his premier season of full-time ministry and has shared Jesus with literally hundreds of thousands of people.  He is heavy on scripture memory, full of facts, stories, jokes, and verbal imagery to connect the dots when ministering.

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