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(901) 326 - 2301

11-29-1998 // HEBREWS 3:15


Evangelism 20 years

Discipleship 10 years

Christian Rap 18 years

Music Industry 7 years

Podcast 4 years

Youth Pastor 2 years

Chaplain 2 years

Pastor 1 year

Fellowship of Christian

 Athletes 14 years

Prisoners For Christ 4 years

Youth For Christ 2 years

Eikon Ministries 7 years

(1999) Burden For Ministry

(2003) Made Up Mind Ministries Starts

(2003) TBN JC-TV Program

(2004) Prison Ministry Begins

(2004 - 2006) Youth Pastor Term

(2005) Holy Hip Hop in ATL

(2006) MINISTER WITH Vickie Winans, Urban Network Workshop Showcase, Tacoma, WA

(2007 - 2009) Full Time National State Fairs, USA

(2007 Summer) Minister with John P. Kee,

Juneteenth Festival, Charlotte, NC

(2008 Fall) Minister with Nikki Cruz, Oman Arena,

Jackson, TN

(2008) Nashville Dove Awards / GMA Week

(2008) Made the Memphis Newspaper

“The Commercial Appeal”

(2008) Inspiration Jams Vol. 1 Worldwide Release

(2009) Nashville Dove Awards / GMA Week

(2010) Underground International Mission Trip

(2010 - 2018) West TN State Penitentiary Term 

(2011 Spring) Teen Challenge Boot Camp, Bonifay, FL

(2011 Fall) Europe Youth Concert

(2011 - 2013) Chaplain Term

(2016) Pastorate Term 

(2017) Sozo Missions Summer Camp, Bradenton, FL

(2019) FCA Uganda, Kampala, Uganda

He has preached across pulpits on Sunday mornings, challenged men behind prison bars, inspired and motivated at camps, and evangelized crowds of countless lost people.  Many around the world have been under the sound of his voice one way or another.  Music for Jesus has led to ministry.  Ministry for Jesus has cultivated a message.  Messages for Jesus have clarified a mission.  The mission that drives the heart and life of Te`Luvv today is disciple making.  In the words of Soup Campbell, Founder and Executive Director for Eikon Ministries in Memphis, TN “You must begin with the end in mind.”  Multiple albums, multiple music collaborations, hundreds of songs, hundreds of events and engagements, in and outdoor festivals, concerts, block parties, tours, camps, big and small venues, fan driven music industry, Spirit led soul ministry, etc. the fire of Jesus continues to burn and the passion for Jesus continues to prioritize.  “My reality exists as a man who is madly in love with Jesus!”