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Parent Scholarship

It all starts at home and it all goes back to the home.  The future of our city, nation, and world is directly related to how human beings are raised when they arrive to planet earth as children.  Crime, homelessness, alcoholism, unemployment, teen pregnancy, obesity, suicide, bullying, school dropout rates, drug addictions, and mental health issues are just a few of the things that can be avoided with great parenting.  In fact, this is where you come in to play and that’s the reason for this scholarship opportunity.  It is rare these days to see great parenting demonstrated through consistent behavior, manners, respect, work ethic, and academics of children.  However, this does NOT have to be the case with you and your children!  As long as your children are in your care then it is never too late to start parenting in such a way that will bring you joy, delight, pride and honor as a parent.  What you do in your home today can and will contribute to the world tomorrow.  All other efforts to reach children do not compare to the influence of parents.  After nearly two decades of working with children, observations and assessments have been made to bring this scholarship opportunity to you!   


  • You must be the parent of at least 1 child that is 8-11 years old.

  • You need to complete and submit an online application.


  • You must make time for 1 hour each week 

  • You must be both on time and prepared for each session

  • You must be serious about investing in yourself as a parent


  • We will only come alongside of you as a parent to help 

  • We will be on time and put our best foot forward 

  • We will provide a pizza party for you, your child, and select guests at our training center upon successful completion

  • We will provide a monetary scholarship and certificate ceremony


  • Who else do you know that can benefit from the MUMM Parent Scholarship?

  • Tell someone about the good news of how you have invested in yourself and your child

  • Let's do our part to make Memphis better by helping other parents and children

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