youth raised in church who abandon their faith and never return


People that die every day (105 per minute)


Christians who will never share their faith with lost people


Christianity is shrinking this much every year


A guess at the number of how many religions there are in the world


No one has more than this amount of time each day

  • There are endless religions,  philosophies, trends, and popular trains of thought. 

  • Piling a bunch of people up behind a lie will NEVER make it become truth.

  • Shouting a lie louder and more passionately will NEVER make it become truth.

  • Dressing up a lie with designer clothes, the good life, money, or even success will NEVER make it become truth.    

  • Forcing a lie upon people with coercion, threats, harm, penalty, intimidation, pressure, or even reward will NEVER make it become truth.

  • There are only so many ways to believe in anything so coming up with a supposedly "new" way to do religion will NEVER make lies true no matter how old they are. 

  • It's insane, absolutely crazy how humans tire themselves with everything less than the truth.

  • Humans out of PRIDE of this life and themselves would rather trust lies than trust God. 

  • Why hasn't someone killed the big stankin' elephant in the room already and put the same wholehearted approach into the truth!!!????

  • CHRISTIANS are just as worldly as they were before Christ. The world remains the standard and status quo in life of the great majority of Christians for everything. Christians prefer worldly music over songs, hymns and spiritual songs about Jesus. Christians will give their undivided attention to movies, video games, TV shows, sports and other forms of vanity, but not Jesus. Christians know more about pop culture and sports than the Bible. Christians sin because they want to, regardless of what the word says.  The majority of Christians do not take Jesus seriously.  Most Christians do not live a life worthy to be followed.  There is absolutely no difference in their lives at all, or there is not a complete enough difference to even be associated with Jesus period.  Either the Bible and the words of Jesus are false or these Christians are lying.